Writing For a Mental Breakthrough

I’ve heard from more than one woman writer that when she started writing a memoir or a novel with one idea in mind – one motivating emotion or important event to share, she found that over the course of writing her story, what she thought she thought about the people or the events in her story, well, those thoughts changed. It seemed that in the act of sitting down, reliving the experience or the feeling, and then putting all of her creative faculties behind writing about it fully and honestly, she found her mind revolving, her emotions evolving, and the entire mental frame of her thoughts tilting and changing.

In short, the process of writing resulted in a mental breakthrough in her thinking. Not only is that an immensely important tool to use, but it’s especially valuable when it’s applied to an issue of importance in our lives – maybe something that’s been troubling us or even plaguing us for years on end.

How to re-create that experience, even if we aren’t intending to write an entire novel or memoir?

Well, that’s the exercise I’ve created for this flash workshop. Using what I’ve learned and experienced in some really effective workshops I’ve taken – including the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference last month and especially the wonderful writers workshop that Victoria Zackheim gave years ago at Women At Woodstock 2013, called “The Acorn,” and combining those experiences with the teachings of a very moving book that I read years ago, I’ve come up with an exercise to help you reach a mental breakthrough on an important issue in your life, through a specific, guided writing exercise.

So I’m calling it Writing For a Mental Breakthrough. Bring paper, a pen, and your emotional baggage. Let’s see if we can unpack some of that stuff.

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