“Worst Ex Stories” Has Grown Into an Anthology Project!

"Worst Ex Stories" Will Be Published in Women At Woodstock's First Anthology This Spring

If you've been watching our posts here at Women At Woodstock, you know that one of our workshops this year will be the entertaining and also healing workshop, "Worst Ex Stories," in which women will read their stories of relationship mishaps, mistreatments, missteps, and just plain crazy behavior. We expect it to be an entertaining evening as we read and share these bits of our lives; sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, sometimes jaw-dropping.

So, originally we announced that only those who are attending may submit their stories, but we've gotten so much interest from women who can't come to Woodstock this year that we've made the decision to open up submissions to anyone who wants to share her story. And, we will be publishing the best of these stories in our first Women At Woodstock Anthology - "Worst Ex Stories" - composed of true stories from women from all over the country.

Do You Have a Worst Ex Story to Tell?

Do you want to submit your story for consideration? Please do! We've brought together a small group of editors who will read your submissions and select the most amazing ones for the collection, to be published in the spring of 2020. The published book will be available in both Kindle and print.

Deadline: February 15, 2020

The winning story will be awarded a prize of $150.
Winner and runners up will be published in the Anthology
and will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

Women who are registered for Women At Woodstock 2019
may submit their story for free; those who are not attending 
may submit their story for a reading fee of $35.

This will be the inaugural edition of an annual collection of stories from Women At Woodstock, in which we will share our true stories, offer our wisdom, and, we hope, illuminate the future for the generations of women following behind us. This is mentoring with a capital M - mentoring for life, for self-awareness, for self-preservation, for choosing our own direction and living life at its best.

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