Worst Ex Stories – An Entertainment and Healing Workshop

Do you have an ex story? Most of us do. And chances are, you’ve told it over and over again. But are you satisfied? Probably not. Somehow, that story lives on in you and, though you may not think of it often, it can click into “play” at the oddest moments. It won’t go away, because something remains unresolved, unsatisfied.
That something can be called healing.
So that’s what this workshop is about; telling your story in a way that can be more healing than recounting it in your head again, or to a friend or two (who’ve probably heard it before). A group share can do an interesting thing; it can lift your story and your pain up out of your hands and place it down, separate from you, in a collective pile with everyone else’s. And then, through the group experience of hearing others, of feeling heard by everyone in the room, and ultimately of laughing at the absurdity of it all, the group share can set a flame to that pile of pain and burn it down to dust right in front of your eyes.
So, by popular vote (I suggested this workshop in my survey earlier this year and the vote for it was a resounding Yes!), we are going to do a “Worst Ex Stories” workshop at Women At Woodstock. Wanna join in? Come on! It’s going to be a great party! 
And lest you worry that the workshop will devolve into a whine fest or general men- (or women)-bashing, here are the rules and the structure that we’re going to follow in order to keep the workshop moving along, the mood light, and the closure certain:

Worst Ex Stories Rules & Regulations

  1. If you want to share your Worst Ex Story, you must write it and submit it to us ahead of time. There will be a cap on the word count.
  2. Each participant will read her story from her manuscript, like a reading at an author’s workshop. As if her story belongs to her, but she is not her story.
  3. Your fellow WAW sisters can react, but there will be no extended discussion after each story. We will simply hear one another, and in turn be heard.
  4. We will do something symbolic at the end, to celebrate. To celebrate what? Being here, being whole, having what we have, believing life to be full of possibilities, perhaps believing in forgiveness.  
  5. And, with everyone’s permission, we might publish our Worst Ex Stories as an anthology. Why? For entertainment, for enlightenment, and, I hope, for the edification of younger women who might come upon the book. What if we help a few of our daughters and younger friends avoid the pitfalls we fell into, thanks to our shared experience and wisdom and our willingness to tell about the mistakes we’ve made? Wouldn’t that be amazing!

I’ve got a Worst Ex Story, and I’ll lead off the workshop by telling it. So let’s pop open the cork on that healthful bottle of wine and get the party going!

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