WordPress vs. Social Media Workshop Poll Results: Drumroll, Please…

About a billion years ago I asked you to let me know what you would prefer for my workshop at Women At Woodstock this October. The choices were:

Ann’s “Magic Bullet” formula to integrate all your activities,
do less work, and get better results

Ann’s crash course on design customization, SEO, security,
social media integration, and a slew of cool plugins

Thank your for all the votes!

And the result – drumroll, please – is a tie. I’m not kidding, it’s a literal tie – not just close, not even just one more for one choice than the other. A flat-out tie.

So, good news – I’ve decided to do a mash-up of both topics for my workshop. I’ll pull out the best gems from each of my bag of tricks, I promise. And for anyone who attends my workshop, I’ll make myself available in the weeks after our gathering to get on the phone with you to look at your site and make some suggestions and answer some of your individual questions – kind of a Dutch Aunt Session on steroids.

Click here to see the juicy stuff that’s going to be packed into my workshop:

How to Wrangle Your WordPress Site Into Shape
& Make It Do Most of Your Social Media Marketing For You

I look forward to seeing you there!

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