Hate the Idea of Marketing Your Book? You’ve Got To Anyway…

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Hate the idea of marketing your book? Join the club. But it’s a fact that you need to know and use as many tools as you can to increase sales of your book, whether you’ve been published by a traditional publisher or you’ve published your book yourself – and whether you’ve written a great work of literary fiction or a quick how-to ebook. So suck it up and learn, so you can bring in more revenue from the book you worked so hard to create.

Here’s a comprehensive, friendly, pleasant way to learn what you need to know: the Fiction Marketing Academy, a series of 30+ videos from experts in the publishing and book-marketing world.

Brian Berni, the course’s creator, stepped in as a sponsor of my Women At Woodstock 2020 Virtual Retreats, and he’s offered access to all 30+ videos in this series for a deeply discounted price of $67 to anyone on my mailing list.

Here are all the workshops and speakers that are included in the series.

Click here to purchase permanent access to these 30+ videos containing tips, tricks, and platforms for marketing your book.

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