Women At Woodstock Coming to the West Coast

Women At Woodstock 2012
Women At Woodstock 2012
Photo by Dana McCoy

After receiving several emails and comments from west-coasters either asking if I was going to add a west coast version of Women At Woodstock, or telling me that if I did so, they would certainly come, I decided to speed up my thinking. I had been planning to add WAW-West in 2014. But then one of my long-standing internet marketing clients (and friend) said, “What are you waiting for? Most event planners organize an event with the dream of building demand. You already have demand but are holding off on the event. Why? Do it now!”

So OK, here I go….

I’m looking at some beautiful locations in California. One is right on the ocean near Carmel. The other is in view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  Other locations under consideration are near Los Angeles and San Diego. All are secluded, surrounded by natural beauty, and offer the highest quality of accommodations and meals. The event will run 3 days and 3 nights in June or July.

And – just as everything else that’s happened around and about Women At Woodstock since the day in August 2011 when I decided to “go for it,” the pieces and connections just seem to be flowing in and clicking into place naturally. One of last year’s presenters, out of the blue, sent me an email introducing me to an impressive woman here on the west coast whose background and experiences are right in line with one of the main themes of Women At Woodstock 2013 – Healing Past Wounds.  I talked to her today, we had a huge and warm connection, and she’s in!  And – as you might have expected, this being California and all, she’s a veteran of the television industry.  You’ll be excited when you learn who it is!

What do you think about a first Women At Woodstock-West this summer??

If you LOVE the idea, please let me know! If you’re highly or even mildly interested, let me know that too.

Here’s a quick survey to gauge interest. No obligations, no commitments – just your opinion. Please look at your calendar, and then take a minute and fill it out right now. Thanks so much!

Fill out my online form.

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