Women At Woodstock Over-50 Retreat

What Our Over-50 Retreat Is About

We are an intimate gathering of women 50 (or so) from all over the country; an escape with like-minded women to a virtual getaway with workshops, surprise gifts (you'll receive a box in the mail a few days before the event), offline activities we'll do "virtually together," networking, guided-discussion evening salons, and a powerful series of mastermind sessions that just might change your life.

What Happens At Our Retreat

A few days before the retreat even begins, you'll start receiving a daily email every morning with an inspirational thought or challenge from The Metamorph Project, a loving path of mind progression to give you the power to change. (Change what, you ask? Answer: whatever it is that you've wanted to change in your life for a very long time but haven't been able to do.) This project is in the beta stage and has been developed out of what we've learned over the past decade of hosting Women At Woodstock. You will be the first to experience it before it launches! You'll receive one of these emails every morning for the next 10 days.

After our Welcome Party on our first night, we'll get down to work first thing next morning with a thought-provoking Workshop from an expert in her field. After a generous break for lunch, we'll again convene for an in-depth afternoon Workshop. After another break for our offline activity that we'll all be doing at the same time (virtually together!) in our respective locations across the country, we'll pour a glass of wine (or other beverage of choice) for an Evening Salon and some lively discussion on a surprise topic of the day. (Don't worry; politics is off the table.) At one point or another, you'll be instructed to open a numbered gift from your surprise box. Then before you retire for the evening, check your email for a special email from Ann Voorhees Baker. See this year's workshops here.


The next day will follow the same schedule, and then on our final day, we'll take the morning and the afternoon to go deep into our Mastermind Sessions - the heart and soul of the Women At Woodstock experience. During these sessions, each of us will have her turn to share her problem, dream, challenge, or goal, and receive the collective intelligence, compassion, and creativity of the group who will help shape a new view and a strategy to tackle the issue or idea, whatever it is.

We've set the schedule to be not too early for those on the west coast and not too late for those in the east. You'll see the times for each gathering or activity shown in all 4 time zones on the schedule.

Click here to see the daily schedule for the Over-50 Retreat.