Women At Woodstock Day Number 4

First registration! First week! That’s pretty awesome, as far as I’m concerned.

And, I’ve talked with two videographers in the last 24 hours. Ideas: create a documentary of Women At Woodstock 2012. Maybe follow a handful of women throughout the year following WAW, to see how it affected their thinking and their lives; what changes they actually tried and succeeded in making. Fund it through Kickstarter? We might give it a try.

Two product sponsors entered into agreements today! A book publisher, and a Canadian company that produces gummy vitamins for adults.

I can’t tell you how many women have asked, “You’re not going to allow sponsors like Botox manufacturers, are you? My answer? “Hell, no.” Absolutely, without a doubt, “NO!”

First 14 Days Goal Scorecard:

1 sponsor – triple check!

2 experts

12 registrations – partial check – one in, 11 to go!

3 scholarship donations

a videographer connection – double check!

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