Women At Woodstock Day Number 3

I took one step forward today – made an agreement with our first media sponsor – Better After 50, the new and fast-growing online magazine for Boomer women, published by Felice Shapiro!  What an awesome connection this was, too, because we began our conversation as strangers – yet as we talked, we naturally got into a discussion of how we got where we are today, doing what we do.  We made an amazing discovery – that in fact we had been living parallel lives for the past quarter century; at times crossing paths and even attending the same conference dinners and workshops, unbeknownst to each other.

Our parallel paths had started when we each founded parenting magazines in our respective cities in the early 90’s.  As publishers, we were members of Parenting Publications of America and we attended the same annual conferences – in Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago.  I’m sure we witnessed each other go up on stage at various times; applauded each other as we received awards for our magazines’ designs or feature stories or cover art.   We each were raising our children throughout our publishing careers.  Then we each had sold our publications to go on to other things.  And now here we were, on a parallel path of active engagement in this over-50 major life transitions thing.  Coincidences or synchronicities, depending on what terminology you prefer, are happening faster and faster in my life.

First 14 Days Goal Scorecard:

1 sponsor – check!

2 experts

12 registrations

3 scholarship donations

a videographer connection

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