Women At Woodstock Day 6

Made a bunch of updates to the website today – a bunch!  I hope it’s now easier to use.  Let me know what you think, please – good or bad!

Drafted a press release to go out this coming week.  Fingers crossed that at least ONE national outlet gives Women At Woodstock a nod!

Sending out the sponsor agreements for signatures.  Must add into the master schedule – send reminders periodically, send shipping instructions in August & September for product donations.

Meeting tomorrow with a woman who got one of my emailings from a friend of a friend of a friend… exploring ideas for Women At Woodstock.  We’re both “in LA” but this means nothing as far as ease of meeting people; in LA, meetings involve fairly sophisticated logistics to determine where to rendezvous – including decisions about when to choose surface streets versus freeway, analysis of traffic patterns, adjustments for time of day, knowledge of the proper multiplication factor for Mapquest travel times (1.5 minimum: 2.25 for rush hours and midday).  We settled on the Culver Hotel – a totally cool retro building in Culver City with an open lobby restaurant that is steeped in the 40’s – my favorite spot-in-the-middle when meeting with people from “the east side” and beyond.

Don’t believe me about the logistics of meeting with people in LA?  Look at this incredible map. Notice the little sliver of Manhattan, as in New York City, toward the bottom?

LA Map vs other cities

My time is getting a little out of hand with the webmaster work, email campaigns, sponsorships, expert connections.  Oh yeah, and that little matter of my internet marketing practice – my “day job,” so to speak.  Talking with a possible assistant week after next. Fingers crossed.

I am making it a point to stop what I’m doing right now and go enjoy the sunshine in my back yard for an hour.

Right now.

First 14 Days Goal Scorecard:

1 sponsor – triple check!

2 experts – check!

12 registrations – partial check – one in, 11 to go!

3 scholarship donations

a videographer connection – double check!

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