Women At Woodstock Day 5

So I got a voicemail from a woman in San Francisco who was annoyed with me.

“I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to find out how to contact you directly,” she said. “And it’s impossible to find out what it will cost to attend your event.”

“And your links are not obvious. Don’t get me wrong; I use the internet all the time; I know what I’m doing. And your hotlinks don’t look like links at all – if you’re trying to reach our demographic, a lot of people who might not use the computer as often as I do are going to find it very hard to get the information they want.”

“Your email should be on the home page. Your phone number too.”

“I can’t easily see how to find out who the speakers are…”

“The registration page isn’t that clear; when you navigate to it and first see it, the form shows a price of $0 in the upper right corner; that makes it look like maybe the event is free, which obviously it is not.  That does NOT inspire trust.”

By now, I had tears in my eyes.

And all I was thinking was, “Wow, she really was interested enough in Women At Woodstock to navigate through all the pages? And to note all the places on the website where it sucked could use improvement? And to call me and actually let me know?”

“Thank you SO much for calling me!” I blurted out. “You are like my own private focus group!”

I took notes furiously. And tomorrow I am working through the laundry list of suckiness needs for improvement, and I’m making changes – lots of them.

Thank you, my caller friend!

I also received our first application for the Women At Woodstock scholarship.  And two Experts signed on!

First 14 Days Goal Scorecard:

1 sponsor – triple check!

2 experts – check!

12 registrations – partial check – one in, 11 to go!

3 scholarship donations

a videographer connection – double check!

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