Women At Woodstock 3-Month Mark – Thanks, Mom!

mom moneyIt’s been 3 months to the day since I launched the website for Women At Woodstock – 9 months since I launched the idea for the retreat. This baby should be born by now – robust and healthy!

And it almost is. We’re at 65% registration capacity – still a nail-biter for me, but really, really good – especially since, given human nature, the time when most people sign up for an event is 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time. That would be September 7 to 14 – a week from now. I admit that it makes me break out into a sweat just to write those words: talking about ANYthing having to do with Women At Woodstock that is only one week away starts the panic engine… but no, everything is rolling along smoothly – we have wonderful women coming from the east coast, the west coast, and points in between, with growing numbers calling and emailing every day; we have attracted wonderful sponsors – most of whom have called me to say “I want to be a sponsor” (amazing); great giveaways; and generous donations to the Women At Woodstock Scholarship Fund.

Speaking of which… My mother called me yesterday to complain that the online sponsorship donation process wasn’t working. She’d clicked on the link, filled out her info, entered her credit card, and then got some gobbledygook about Paypal. Obviously there was some sort of malfunction, she said. I tried to explain about the somewhat clunky Paypal payment processing sequence but she thought it wasn’t that; she was pretty sure she’d gotten some sort of error message.

Of course I started to dive down into an “Oh, no!” spiral (another technoglitch to fix!), and so I clicked on the link myself and started entering my own info and credit card in order to test the system and find out where the problem was. As I tapped away on my keyboard, my mom told me about how she was having her house painted and how during the first day of painting, she went out to do errands with my sister – and when they approached her home upon their return, the whole front of the house was done and it looked lavender! She had had to stop the painter, and then turn around and go to the store to search out another color of paint…”

I was about to press “submit” for my test scholarship donation when my mother broke into her own conversation to say, brightly, “Oh, there, I have an email saying that my donation went through and here’s how it will look on my credit card statement!”

Phew. Must. Replace. Paypal – when this first event is over and we move on toward Women At Woodstock 2013. In the meantime, I have the wonderful Bridget Stout (917-270-2351) to offer help, give explanations, answer questions, and take registrations and donations over the phone – excusing you entirely from the Paypal process, if you wish.  Bridget will even assist with travel arrangements.

So the main point of this story is not the somewhat clunky nature of Paypal payment processing, or the lavender color of my mom’s house, but the fact that my own mother chose to make a donation (and a generous one!) to Women At Woodstock’s scholarship fund. Hey, it’s the pinnacle of success when your own mother supports your cause, isn’t it? That feels really, really good.

Thanks, Mom!

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