January 18, 2016


yogayoga rosendale logoThis is for everyone, fit or sedentary, plump or trim, limber or restricted in your movement. Yoga is a practice, not a requirement of perfection. When you start your day with this physically and mentally nourishing hour of peace and movement, you will feel right in your mind and body for the rest of the day.

Yoga has many forms of practice and many levels of skill, and rest assured - the type of yoga our instructor will be leading will be perfect for you. We'll be doing gentle flow yoga with options offered for different skill levels. The goal is physical health and mental well-being, facilitated by bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana).  You can do it, no matter who you are or what you've tried in the past.

The beauty of yoga is that your best is just right for you. You needn't be able to put your ankle behind your head or hold a plank position for 3 minutes or even touch your toes. If you're feeling the stretch and working your muscles and concentrating on your balance - and most of all if you're consciously existing in the here and now and you're breathing fully and deeply, you're practicing yoga just the way it's meant to be practiced, and that's a beautiful thing.

Indira Abby Hiejnen

We are so pleased to have Indira Abby Heijnen of Yoga Yoga Rosendale leading our yoga practice this year. Indira is a certified, 700 hr. teacher of Yoga, ECYT 200 Pranotthan Yoga, ECYT 200 Kripalu Yoga, ECYT 500 Sacred Lasya Vinyasa.

She has completed a year and a quarter-long study, “The Acharya Intensive” with Devarshi Steven Hartman and Jovinna Chan, and actively engages in further study as well as leading workshops and trainings, and assisting Pranotthan Yoga Teacher trainings around the country. She teaches a meditative slow flow yoga from gentle to vigorous, emphasizing proper alignment and building core strength, as well as teaching posture alignment clinics and yoga basics, extra gentle and restorative yoga classes.

Indira also is a visual artist whose work is in collections in Europe and the U.S. She was born in New York City and has lived in Switzerland, Spain and The Netherlands, and has been living in Olivebridge, NY with her husband and artistic partner since 2001.

Yoga classes will be held at Women At Woodstock 2017 on Friday and Saturday mornings at 7:00. It's a beautiful time of day; we gather in the upper room while the sun comes up and begins to lighten the world. As we practice, the windows all around slowly reveal massive vistas of the Hudson Valley. Even if you're not a morning person, when you start your day in that room, honoring your body and being present in the world, you will feel that you're in the very best place you could be.

And hey, if early morning is just not your thing, no problem. Everything at Women At Woodstock is about you and what's best for you. If you want to keep snuggled under the covers, we'll respect that - and we'll see you at breakfast!

yoga pose