Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become

That’s what Tony Robbins says, and it makes perfect sense. He was talking in this case about rich people. Author of MONEY: Master The Game, he said in an interview that the wealthiest, most successful people tend to hang out with wealthy, successful people. 

Before you say, “Duh,” think about what you’re really saying when you say that.

I’ll bet part of you is saying, “Yeah, well, wealthy people are elitists. Of course they hang out with only each other.”

What is that saying?

Maybe there’s a bit of a chip on your shoulder.

What is that chip saying?

Maybe you’ve already decided, you already fundamentally believe, that “Wealthy people are other. They are not me. I could never be one of them.”

You are so wrong.

Sure, maybe you never will be one of them; maybe you’ve made choices and you’ll continue to make choices that ensure that you will not become wealthy. But never will is a helluva lot different than never could. If you’ve come to believe in your core that you cannot – you are not and never could be – able to gather wealth, no matter what you might try – then you are living according to a lie you’re telling yourself. You could become wealthy, if that’s what you wanted. Most likely you’ve just chosen not to make the pursuit of massive wealth your life’s goal. That’s OK; it’s not wrong. I’m saying it’s wrong to believe that you are incapable of doing so even if you wanted to and even if you tried.

But let’s put aside the whole wealth-and-abundance thing for the moment.

What about the fact that you most likely apply that sort of thinking to your definition of yourself in other areas – things other than, and often more important than, your expectations about your earning potential?

What about the fact that you probably apply that thinking to your vision of what you can do, are good at doing, and are “allowed” to do?

I’m talking about self-defining actions (or not) like eating a healthy diet, or energetically pursuing a better marketing plan for your business, or writing the book you’ve always wanted to write. Taking classes in what interests you. Seeking a mentor for the business you’ve always wanted to start. Entering your creative work in competitions.

Is this your knee-jerk thought: “No, that’s not me.” “No, I can’t.” “No, that’s just a waste of money.” “No, I would never succeed.” Has that always been your thought pattern?

Where did that thought pattern originate? Does it come from all the people you always hang out with? Are your friends, your family members, the people in your neighborhood groups or community organizations the type of people who always say, “Nah, that could never be me?”

How would it feel to hang out with people who say, “I’m going to a seminar on how to write a business plan,” or “I’m going to work with a business coach to bring in more clients and increase my revenue,” or “I’m attending a writers’ retreat.”

How about hanging out with people who want to hear what your real interests and dreams are – and who don’t automatically have the attitude of, “Gee, wouldn’t that be awesome? Too bad you could never do that?” How would it feel to spend time with people who say, “I like your idea. You should do it!” Or “I know someone you could talk to about that. Let me introduce you.” Or “I know something about that – let me give you some information.”

Author Steve Siebold (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, How Rich People Think) interviewed more than 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people and eventually became a millionaire himself.  He says, “We become like the people we associate with, and that’s why winners are attracted to winners.”

Would your life take a turn in a new and better direction if you made some new friends who believe in life’s possibilities and are going in the direction that you’d like to go?

Very, very likely.

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