Whatever You’ve Done For the Holidays, It’s Good Enough

Woman stressed

Woman stressedIt’s 5 days before Christmas and it’s time to knock off the craziness and put your feet up, at least for an evening.  Whatever you’ve bought for gifts is good enough. Whatever you’ve put up for decorations, good enough. Whatever you’ve planned for family meals, it will be good enough. Don’t compare your efforts to the house down the street or the glowing descriptions in the Sunday magazine or the perfect everythings demonstrated on the Home & Garden Network. Martha Stewart is a business enterprise, not a life-sized woman.

No doubt you’ve been juggling many things and working a double load of duties in your effort to make the end-of-year holidays “special” – and now you may be gearing up for those tired and shopworn but ever enduring family stresses as relatives and in-laws converge and old family issues threaten to burst into spontaneous combustion (even if just inside your head).

So stop, drop (everything), and roll with the flow. If in the next few days you find yourself standing in a long line at the post office or shuffling down the grocery store aisle like a zombie peering at your tightly packed list, take a breath, look around, and if you catch the eye of another woman just like you, doing just the same thing as you, give a smile. We’re all wearing the same shoes, sister.

And between now and the holidays, give some serious thought to giving a meaningful gift to yourself. Sign up for the exercise class you always say you don’t have time for, or plan a new weekly schedule for 2013 that blocks out time each week to work on a project you’ve been putting off, or plan and schedule a relaxing weekend for yourself in the spring. And, if you’re wishing that you could go to Women At Woodstock in 2013, grant yourself that wish. Go ahead and sign up for Quick & Early Registration right now. You deserve a generous gift every bit as much as everyone else in your life, now, don’t you?

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