July 16, 2015

Getting Your Website the Attention it Deserves: How to Harness Media, Social Media and the Authentic You

Veronica James, creator and publisher of the Boomer travel and empty nest lifestyle website,  GypsyNester.com, and author of the bestselling book, Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All, will be showing us how getting the proper publicity and building authentic, grassroots relationships online is the only way to grow your web presence and get your product or service in front of advertising-savvy Boomers.

Contrary to the slap-on-Google-Ads-and-watch-your-bank-account-soar misinformation we’ve all been fed, Veronica will let you in on the real scoop based on her decade of owning a web design firm in Nashville, and her crazy adventure running her own website for the past seven years while traveling the world full-time with her husband, David.

Social media has been a key to her success online (after her oldest daughter dragged her in kicking and screaming) and it was there that she began building relationships that have landed her in the pages of numerous prodigious publications, and appearances on TV and radio. After much floundering in those early days (that she’ll help you bypass), she found her voice and learned what captures the attention of followers and reporters alike.

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