WEA’s 2013 Gala “From Ripple to Wave”: September 19

“I only learned about this fantastic organization a few months ago, when I first met Angela Mason, our keynote speaker at Women At Woodstock East.  The Women’s Earth Alliance is the brainchild of an amazing young woman named Melinda Kramer and is all about women coming together to save Mother Earth.  Having started my career, years ago, as a prosecuting attorney for the US Environmental Protection Agency, I’m so excited to learn more about WEA. I mean, what could be better: women around the globe working together to save, improve, and protect our environment!  Check out the WEA website, and if you’re in the San Francisco area, you might want to attend their annual gala event on September 19th, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco. I wish I could be there!” ~ Ann Vorhees Baker

WEA Gala

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