We Will Be Back Again – Women At Woodstock 2013

Amy Ferris & Cindy Joseph
Amy Ferris & Cindy Joseph
photo by Dana McCoy

It’s hard to describe the feelings I came away with after Women At Woodstock 2012… It’s hard to believe that our gathering really happened, that it so fundamentally bonded us together, and that it is now gone. I feel truly connected with so many – sure that we will meet again next year.  The feeling is unlike what I’ve felt after other events, when I’ve met people, liked them and connected with them, and hoped we would keep and touch, knowing that in all likelihood it was a fleeting connection and would fade away quickly.

Not so for the Women who met At Woodstock – since we parted, more like a big comfortable group of friend-sisters than a group of women who’d just met – there has been ongoing talk, sharing of photos, a flow of suggestions for next year, and above all, assurances that we will, indeed, come back again in the fall of 2013 – bringing friends.

We will all be back again.  I can’t wait for the next, first greeting.

Woodstock NY October 2012

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