WAW 2018 Creative Circle – Fortune Cookie Baby Booties

One of our Creative Circles this fall will teach you something that’s not only creative, it’s easy – and it’s not only easy, it can do good for others! Loesje Shema, an alum from last year, volunteered right away when we announced we were adding a Creative Circles morning to Women At Woodstock 2018; she’ll share how to make these dear little “fortune cookie” baby booties. The booties make a nice gift for newborn babes, they’re easy to do (they fall into the category of “social handiwork” – meaning you can work on these while conversing with friends), and perhaps best of all, they’re a great item to donate to hospitals, women’s shelters, and other places where young mothers could really use some help.

Take a look at these booties that Loesje whipped up. (By the way, Loesje made these during a driving rainstorm with tornado warnings; talk about a pioneer woman! I guess working on these little creations might be a great way to deal with anxiety too…)

fortune cookie bootiesfortune cookie bootiesfortune cookie booties



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