Retreats & Writer’s Groups

Women At Woodstock Hosts 3 Writer’s Groups Online Throughout the Year:

The Writer’s Colony

Once a Month on a Friday

Our year-long Writer’s Colony is a CHALLENGE YEAR in 2022. We will commit to finishing and polishing a manuscript and readying it for submission to agents or publishers, or self-publishing.
> We’ll meet one Friday each month in an intimate group of 12 fellow writers.
> Dedicate the year to your one big writing project; commit to finishing by year’s end.
> Bring your latest addition to your project, or a recently edited excerpt, to each month’s session to read and receive feedback.
> Women At Woodstock founder and writer Ann Voorhees Baker will send monthly emails with news, opportunities for writers, and advice and inspiration from published authors.
> First session Friday, January 14, 2022.
> Cost is $30 per session.

The Writer’s Craft Workshop

Every Other Week on Wednesdays

Open to any writer who wants a safe, creative environment with a focus on the craft of writing.
> Work together with an intimate group of fellow writers under the guidance of Clifford Mae Henderson, author of five award-winning novels, improv artist, and a highly respected and compassionate writer’s workshop leader.
> Meetings throughout the year every other Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm eastern, 11 to 2 pacific (with some breaks; 22 sessions in all).
> Invitations to focus on various aspects of the writing craft together with inspirational prompts give you multiple opportunities to paint scenes, characters, and dialogue; retrieve memories; unlock doors; and tell your own story in your own way within a safe and supportive space.
> Each session you’ll have 2 rounds of prompts and time to write and read your work for critical feedback.
> First session Wednesday, January 5, 2002.
> Cost is $30 per session.

The Writer’s Beehive

Once a Month on a Thursday

A writer’s group to transform you from wanting to write to being a productive writer all year long.
> Work together with an intimate group of fellow writers in monthly online sessions under the guidance of Women At Woodstock founder and writer Ann Voorhees Baker.
> Each session you’ll receive an inspirational prompt and free your creativity as you write, read, and receive feedback.
> Then you’ll receive an assignment to inspire you to continue writing all month long.
> Bring the writing that you’d like to share from the past month to read to the group for their impressions and feedback.
> First session Thursday, January 20, 2022.
> Cost is $30 per session.