“Virtual” Skin Care & Makeup for Women Over 50

woman in gray bathrobe pouting

If you’re like most women over 50, or maybe a woman of any age, the prospect of appearing on camera in a video meeting raises some dread. It’s just kinda uncomfortable, staring at your own face while you try to concentrate on the meeting. Instead of listening to what’s going on, you might be thinking, “Wow, my eyes look weirdly harsh and circled in black!” Or, “My god, all my facial contours look totally lined and lumpy. I look 10 years older!” Maybe just the tone of your skin looks bad.

How to fix? Well, you can consult any of a number of online videos giving you hints about makeup and lighting for online meetings, but guess what? Most of those videos are hosted by young, very attractive women. Yeah, maybe we were those once too, but now, advice from the young isn’t entirely applicable or helpful, and it certainly doesn’t address what a laptop camera does to an older face.

That’s where this workshop comes in. We’re so pleased to have secured a session with Crystal Cobert, an expert in natural and healthy skincare who caters largely to women over 50. Crystal has been a repeat and sought-after presence at Women At Woodstock, offering fantastic, relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating skin treatments for the women in attendance. She is so knowledgeable, and she always uses exclusively natural products that are good for our skin!

So this year Crystal will be doing a workshop for us online, specifically about how we appear online! She will offer skincare information, advice on tones and applications of makeup, and the right kind of foundation to act as a palette for it all.

To learn more about Crystal Cobert, click here.

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