Two more Women At Woodstock alums published! Elizabeth Allen & Angela Kaufman

murder in the gilded city

It’s true that two Women At Woodstock alums have recently published novels, but I lied about one of them; she’s not really Elizabeth Allen; that’s her pen name. The real woman behind “Elizabeth” is a Women At Woodstock alum, and she did just publish another book, The Feisty Woman’s Guide to Surviving Mr. Wonderful : Karma Rules, available on Amazon here

This is the second in her Feisty Woman’s Guide series about middle-life breakups. The first came out in December 2014: The Feisty Woman’s Guide to Surviving Mr. Wonderful: Moving on with Humor, Laughter, and Chutzpah!​​​​​​​ Click here for her first book.

“Elizabeth” was a part of the Writer’s Colony at our Women At Woodstock 2021 Virtual Writer’s Retreat last October, and there she shared some hilarious excerpts from her most recent work. I can’t wait to read the whole thing in print!

And I have more exciting news: long-time alum Angela Kaufman has just published her third book – that’s right; third, and it’s titled Murder in the Gilded City. Here’s a summary:  

A violent attack threatens to put a damper on tourist season in the affluent city of Saratoga Springs, NY. Police are quick to make arrests, reassuring the public that everything is under control. But Levi Kingston, a private investigator with an addiction to vinyl albums and a guilty conscience, isn’t convinced. As Kingston uncovers layers of corruption in the city of image, Jesse, a young witness to the attack, is getting attention from the public, including a vigilante militia group. There is a fine line between justice and vengeance, and in the gilded city of Saratoga Springs, those who can’t get one will settle for the other.

Here are 3 places you can order Murder in the Gilded City:

Barnes & Noble

murder in the gilded city

Congratulations to these two authors from the Women At Woodstock Writer’s community!

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