The Tile Art Project

Throughout the retreat, we’ll be working on a communal art project that’s the perfect blending of individual reflection, personal expression, and communal creation: the Tile Art Project. In every gathering room; the Great Room, the Dining Room/Library, and Cedar Heart Lodge, there will be blank canvases (squares of card stock, really) and a collection of markers. Select one for yourself whenever the spirit moves you – during a moment alone, during a workshop, after a meal, while drinking wine with new friends… and draw or doodle what you’d like. It could be a phrase, a word, a letter, a drawing, a doodle. Put your name on the back and drop it in the art collection box.

Make as many as you’d like.

These tiny art projects are meant to give expression to the feelings of the moment; perhaps a representative word, maybe your name as you see it now; maybe a color or shape that represents a thought or moment of inspiration, perhaps a piece of zentangle, from what you learned ar our art workshop last year! Or just something silly; it doesn’t matter. Write or draw whatever moves you.

On Sunday morning after we’ve cleared the breakfast dishes, we’ll bring the art boxes together in the Dining Room, and we’ll spread our art cards out all over the big communal dining table and see them together for the first time in the morning light. We’ll view our individual creations, and the art as a whole that’s made of all the pieces laid out side by side. Pick up and admire your work, or another’s. Move the cards around to blend or contrast with those beside or above or below. Step back and see the whole “installation” as a bound-together unit.

Once we’re all satisfied with our group collaborative effort, we’ll capture the quilt of images on film (OK, digital) and send it on to the very talented tile maker Diana Polack of ArtWare for Good, an organization that brings creativity and philanthropy together through group art projects. Diana will create individual tiles from each of our works, which we can order as coasters or trivets, and she’ll also create pieces from the group array – trivets, boards, and even an art display of the entire “quilt” of images that we’ve created together.

A percentage of the proceeds of the sales will go to our Women At Woodstock Scholarship Fund – which will help make it possible for one or more women with limited financial means to attend Women At Woodstock in 2020!

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