This Is Why Women Are Powerful

My friend Anna has a big heart. She has 5 children. She works diligently at her own cleaning business. She’s juggling stuff all the time. I was with her the other day, helping a mutual friend pack up for a move, and during that time Anna cleared an entire large closet, hauled stuff down the stairs, grabbed her phone whenever a daughter or a son texted, washed and packed dishes, calmly fielded a call from a preteen daughter frustrated about homework (we could hear the girl yelling from a couple feet away), and kept track of the clock so she’d be on time to pick up her other daughter and drive her to physical therapy over an hour away. And Anna talked and laughed throughout the whole process.

Whenever I have an emergency (read: house guests coming), I text Anna maybe a wee bit frantically and beg, “Can you come on the 15th? Or maybe the 14th? Or the 13th? Pleez?” She always responds within hours, and she always works something out for me even though I’m barging into her regular schedule and, I know, making her life even more chaotic than it needs to be.

Anna is a rock.

A few months ago, a visitor came to her church and spoke about a fundraising effort to bring clean water to a community in Africa. The photos of the children burned into her heart. So – having nothing else to do, she signed up to join Team World Vision to help raise funds.

Oh yeah, her commitment is to run the LA Marathon next March. That’s right, a full marathon. Anna has never run a marathon before. What?!?!?

I’m in awe of this strong woman, maybe not a powerful politician or a multimillion dollar corporate CEO, but a giant of a woman in her own world – a mover of mountains. And a kind and generous spirit as she puts her shoulder to the grindstone day after day.

I donated.

Do you have a friend doing something awesome for a good cause? Have you thrown in your support? Take a minute to do it today. Stoke the power.

And if you don’t know anyone who’s currently running, walking, gathering, or doing something else to help raise funds for a good cause, consider donating to Anna’s. Click here to go to her fundraising page.

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