This. Is. What. It’s. All. About. The Holstee Manifesto.

I try to explain what Women At Woodstock experiences are about. Are they spiritual retreats? No, not exactly. Conferences? Definitely not. A series of workshops? Yes, but that is certainly not all of it. A reinvention exercise? Kind of, but it’s not like we all decide to change our careers or our marriages, if that’s not what we need or want. Those who’ve been there, know what happens there. Ask them about it and their faces light up. Some have been truly transformed. Some have made new, true, lifelong friends. Some have been helped tremendously by those they’ve met. Connections, encouragement, courage, determination, enjoyment of our lives. It’s all exploding at our gatherings.  But I can’t quite distill it all into the right words to describe it.

Then I found this – the Holstee Manifesto – and it is EXACTLY what Women At Woodstock is about. No, it still doesn’t describe our experiences and what we’re trying to do in a quick 10-second sentence. But it describes what we commit to and what we reach for, in a big, fat, exactly right nutshell. And guess what? The Holstee Manifesto was created by a bunch of 20-somethings. How exhilarating to have grasped and adopted this pure essence of the meaning and the goodness and the freedom of life, at such a young age. Let’s all get there. At Women At Woodstock, we’re finding our way to that place, together.
Holstee Manifesto - source holstee dot com

One thought on “This. Is. What. It’s. All. About. The Holstee Manifesto.

  • June 21, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    Dear Anne: what a wonderful guideline for living a life that is full of joy… many of us stand in the way of our own personal joy…..believing that we do not deserve it…….it is time that we found the way….to develop the tools to implement the love that we should have….and play it forward and share it with those people who are important to us……..


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