Things My Mother Should Have Told Me

Rachel LoveEvery few weeks I search Netflix for a documentary. A few weeks ago I happened to watch Becoming Chaz, the story of Cher’s daughter (Chastity) undergoing the long and physically / emotionally difficult gender change journey to become a man.  Fascinating, sad, and moving.

So what a coincidence to hear from Ande Lyons about her recent interview with Rachel Love – who was raised as a man only to find in midlife that he possessed the genitalia of both a man and a woman.  (His mother had had to choose his sex at his birth, and chose male.  His female genitalia were essentially surgically closed.)  What a story!!  From credit card rating changes to lower paying jobs to doctors asking questions about sexual activity which she was never asked as a man… it’s an amazing tale.  And on the physical differences not related to genitalia, she shared an amazing observation – that when her estrogen levels were raised during her gender change process, she felt as though she’d been wearing a leather skin all over her body that had now been removed…  she felt the breeze on her skin like never before, smells were stronger, colors were brighter.  Fascinating and kind of magical, don’t you think?

Click here to listen to Rachel Love’s interview about her new book, Things My Mother Should Have Told Me.

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2 thoughts on “Things My Mother Should Have Told Me

  • Thank you Women at Woodstock and Ann for sharing this remarkable story. Those of us who began our careers in the 70’s and 80’s KNEW in our hearts this level of discrimination was going on… but to hear Rachel’s first person experience validates it.

    Love you Rachel Love!!


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