June 22, 2015

The Writer’s Life – Really Writing and Really Finishing a Complete Work

Admit it. You haven’t written that thing – that story – that important work – that you’ve always wanted to do.  Maybe you’ve actually published some of your work, or you write a blog pretty regularly. If so, that’s great. But have you written THE work?  The piece, the story, the collection of blog posts or the book that you really wish you would do?

Don’t feel bad.  None of us have, except those very few, rare, shining successes, the anomalies, the one-in-a-million women who’ve actually produced finished works that share what they really want to share with the world.  And we know in our hearts exactly why those few have published, and the rest of us have not.  It’s not talent. Yes, they have it, but so do you. It’s not their unique story. Yes, their story is important, but so is yours.

It’s the simple fact of doing it. Sitting down. Thinking. Feeling. Writing.  Over and over again until it is finished. It’s living the life of a writer.

If anyone can motivate you to do the writing that you’ve always wanted to do, to live the life of a writer, to write – and finish – that work that you’ve always wanted to write, it’s Linda Lowen, who will bring you into this workshop and mold your mind and change your thinking so that you emerge, not a wannabe writer, but a writer.  For real.

Do it.


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