The Story of “The Tuesdays” – How Women Keep Each Other’s Spirits Alive

Diane Stark, a Women At Woodstock alum and an old friend from as far back as my New York City halcyon days, has been working on a film called “Tuesday Lunch.” I’ve written about it before. It’s a wonderful film about a loyal group of friends in Long Island, NY, who’ve been meeting for lunch every single week for over 45 years. As you can imagine, they’ve been through thick and thin, to say the least.

Theirs was not a little coffee klatch, either. These women were keyed into the issues of the day. They were passionate. They were involved. They marched on Washington. They spoke out for peace, against the Vietnam War, for civil rights.

They also spoke out, and reached out, for each other.

Diane’s mother died over 30 years ago. The “Tuesdays,” as these women call themselves, have kept her mother alive ever since.

Click here to watch a private trailer for the film. Use the password: Tuesday Lunch. (Yes, the password has a space in it.)

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