The Spirit of Women

Sharon Becker

Sharon Becker, a long-standing member of the Women At Woodstock community, shares her thoughts on the importance of connecting with other women in today’s WAW guest blog post.

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That’s How “WE” Do It

“We” are “Women Emerging”…..

We can adapt to change, and are, often, energized by it.

We are passionate and feel things wholeheartedly.

We don’t mind risk and value learning from experiences, both painful and joyful.

We are genuine with our feelings and openly embrace them.

We are courageous and bravely approach what life has in store for us.

We are creative and free thinkers.

We can stand up for ourselves and lean on others.

We thrive most when we are part of a community of like-minded women.

Connection is critical to our spirit and growth while isolation is depleting and lonesome.

Join us and share the moment – “our moment”.

If not now then when?

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Sharon Becker has over 30 years of counseling experience working with individuals, couples and families. Her areas of specialization include alcohol and substance abuse, codependency, post-traumatic stress disorder, dual diagnosis, grief & loss, and life transitions (divorce, retirement, career change).

She works with adolescents and adults with depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, anger management, relationship conflicts, and parenting. She conducts workshops and groups on transition, resiliency, and second half of life rediscovery.

Ms. Becker is currently in Private Practice in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina.


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