PR Tips

The pitch, the whole pitch, and nothing but the pitch

Nothing irritates a reporter more (well, almost nothing) than getting multiple pitches from an enthusiastic PR agent or business owner – you know, those “oh yeah, I wanted to add this” emails that get sent after the first pitch was submitted. Reporters do want to hear from you if you’ve got information, background, or an experience germane to the story they’re working on. But they do not want to be hounded by you, and that’s what multiple emails feel like, no matter how well-meaning they might be.

So, make your email pitch a single pitch that tells your story completely but without unnecessary detail, and casts it in an interesting light that shows how it illustrates or relates to what the reporter is looking for. Give your contact information and time zone. Give a link to your URL. If you have photos or samples to offer, say so but do not include them – the reporter will ask you for these if interested. And do not send another email after your pitch.

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