The Metamorph Project – Make One Real Change In Your Life

The Metamorph Project – Make One Real Change In Your Life

It could be big or small, but you have it; everyone does–a thing you’ve wanted to do, or fix, or stop doing, that’s plagued you for a long time–and yet nothing has changed. Maybe it’s getting rid of too many old belongings. Maybe it’s working out an ongoing problem in your marriage or partnership. Maybe it’s writing the book you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe it’s traveling to a place you’ve longed to visit.

What’s holding you back?


Yes, it’s you. You know it is. And yet you feel powerless. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that in fact you have total power over you, yet somehow you don’t believe it?

Why is this? It’s because your life and the people in it have conditioned you to believe certain things–about yourself, the world, money, and what’s possible and what’s not. Your own mind, in other words, is preventing you from doing what your mind wants.

If you want to travel to that country you’ve always wanted to see, or work out that chronic problem with your spouse; or whatever it is–then the first step is repositioning the biggest impediment standing in your way–your own beliefs and attitudes. Your own mind.

Well, hallelujah. You can change your mind, releasing you to make the change in your life that you’ve always wanted. You are the boss of you, whether you know it or not. That’s what this workshop is about. Changing Your Mind and Making a Change In Your Life:


Women At Woodstock Founder Ann Voorhees Baker has distilled all that she’s learned over 12 years of leading her retreats that have enabled women to make major positive changes in their lives, and she shares this knowledge in the Metamorph Project Workshop.

Prepare to relax your mind, consider a new way of thinking about possibilities, actions, and yourself, and begin a new journey toward your own metamorphosis and the achievement of the one change you’ve wanted for so long.

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