The Happy Truths of Getting Older

Suzanne Braun Levine

Suzanne Braun LevineI enjoyed every single “reason” that Suzanne Braun Levine listed in her recent Huff/Post article, “7 Reasons I Would Never Want to Be Young Again,”  and I can honestly report that I feel and agree with every single one of them.  And, I confess that sometimes when I read an article written by a fellow boomer about the benefits of growing older, I rebel at points that ring false.  I have actually read statements like “I’m every bit as hot as I was at 20!” and I’ve moaned with annoyance.  I don’t hate myself and I do think women of any age can and are beautiful, truly, but when I read a claim like that, I want to growl in the author’s face, “You’ve gone too far!  State what’s true, and you’ll be believed!”

Suzanne doesn’t make any such overreaching claims, and she does point out what are most definitely the happy truths of getting older. My favorite? “I’m less popular now… I now take pleasure in being disliked by people I don’t like. It’s a refreshingly honest state of affairs.”

There’s hardly a more powerful a feeling than that, and yes, I’ve felt it in recent years.  The realization is totally freeing, and with it, decisions that are right and true become easy.  Read the rest of Suzanne’s “7 reasons” here.

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