I Must Do What I Haven’t Done If I Want Things To Be Different

by Janet Riccobono – Guest Blogger

I had a different holiday season this year. One with no parents, no children, no grandchildren, no sisters or brothers. Only myself, my partner, my friends. Only. Ha!  That word suggests that it was a lonely holiday. It is similar to the word “just.” Just Rob & me. Just adults. SO WHAT? I won’t bore you with how it felt or why it was. Yet I WILL tell you it is why I pulled up my website for the first time this year (yup, I extended my holiday!) and decided to rename myself the Change Champion.

The first reason is apparent based on who I shared my holidays with. But from there it is much more significant for me.  One reason is I had a greater understanding of holiday stress, as I had very little. Another is I had a greater understanding of those who normally spend the holidays quietly. And yet another understanding of being a true empty nester. However, it still goes deeper than these reasons.

This year was blessed with ready, willing, and able clients.  This year was blessed with a greater work load, hence there was greater professional growth.  My clients have taught me so much.  I am working with women who want change.  They are scared of it yet embrace it anyway because they know they DONT want things to stay the same, and because they have called me, someone they learned to trust and know will help themselves move forward.

I have changed so much myself since my retirement from corporate telecommunications.  I got healthy after significant health challenges.  I have lost both parents, and both children moved out of state.  I began my own business.  I have met new people and taken on new volunteer causes.  I recognize my good fortune and feel gratitude every day.  And I still have so much to learn.

Life is ever-changing.  It is amazing and frightening.  It is HUGE.  In this year, 2016, I dedicate my change toward business growth, home-re-ownership possibilities (that has many meanings for another time), and saving for travel. I dedicate time and energy to creating a plan to travel more, see more, learn more.  I know I will need this year to make that happen, so this is my change goal.  My strong suit has never been in planning (except a wicked good party) so I dedicate my change toward goal setting.  This year I have lost people from my life to the here-after and I miss them dearly, but their loss is a reminder of the snippet of time we have on this earth so I must do what I haven’t done if I want things to be different.  This makes me my own Change Champion!

And I want to be yours.  Instead of resolutions perhaps you, too, can consider what you might like to change in 2016.  Set a change goal.  Life coaches help you look for that 2 degrees of change. Small shifts in perception that have huge impact.  Add one thing in.  Let one thing go.  Say one thing differently. Join one thing differently.  Smile one time randomly.  Change your location for one minute.  Taking the time to think, to act, to receive, to give, can change your outlook on an entire day.  Most women reach a point where circumstances change and we have been so busy helping our family get through their own life that we have neglected to plan for our own.  I wish for you intentional change.  Voluntary.  One that you hear your inner voice say “I might not know what’s next, but I’m willing to take charge and find out!”

You won’t need luck, but you may need a hand.  Reach out, I’m right here, and very excited for you.

Happy New Year my beautiful friends.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Janet Riccobono is a Certified Life Coach at New Life at Mid Life. She says this about her work: 

My work as a mid life transformation and personal development life coach has been birthed by a number of before and after moments in my life. I have an extensive background in corporate communications, customer service, and team building. In the seventeen months that followed my 49th birthday, I retired, turned 50, my children both moved out of state so I became an empty nester, my dad passed away after having struggled with Alzheimers, (mom was already gone), AND I suffered a massive heart attack. It was time to reevaluate, and although life seemed upside down, it was actually on a trajectory I haven’t been able to stop!. When I retired, I knew I wasn’t “done”. I knew to stay vital and significant, I wanted to do a complete turn around and expand my talents to change the face of women in mid life. Yet that all became so much clearer after I experienced all those “mid life circumstances.” Decision made. Now I want to encourage ALL women to stop comparing themselves to others, break the mold they have put themselves in with the help of our crazy culture and societies “norms”. I want ALL women to enter their mid life and beyond with courage and grace, confidence and enthusiasm. Making significant and lasting change can be daunting, however making the important connection with your talents, and your emotional well being can give you the relationship with yourself that you’ve always wanted, and that relationship makes every other connection in life better. New Life at Mid life is my business and I look forward to being your Change Champion!

4 thoughts on “I Must Do What I Haven’t Done If I Want Things To Be Different

  • February 3, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    Great article. Needed to hear a few things from your story Small shifts in perspective . My mantra tonight , plus a good glass of wine

    • February 5, 2016 at 6:50 pm

      That wine is a good aid for the small shifts in perspective, don’t you think? ;^)

  • February 4, 2016 at 7:06 am

    Love your blog and if anyone is a Change Champion it is you ! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • February 5, 2016 at 6:46 pm

      Janet reminds me to THINK every time she posts a new blog!


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