The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Apps & Software You Never Knew You Needed

We’re excited to bring you a fun, do-it-right-now workshop that shows you some amazing apps and software that will make you say, “Oh wow, this is so cool!!”

But what if you’re one of those whose attitude is, “Who needs to learn new apps and new software? We’ve all gotten along just fine without – well, whatever it is we haven’t yet learned. So why learn more?”

Well, for one thing, no offense, but that sort of thinking is old; set in one’s ways; like – old-fashioned.

Didn’t you feel frustrated years ago when your grandmother refused to learn how to use a microwave? Don’t you feel annoyed now when your aunt won’t learn how to download attachments so you can share photos with her? Stubbornness is a version of being closed-minded, and being closed-minded is a way of staying rooted in the past. And that’s not good for growth or staying connected with the world.

But if you’re willing to stretch a little and learn about some really useful stuff that can help you in your daily life, keep you connected, shortcut your work, and even save you money, then join in this workshop, and get ready for The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – where you’ll learn about a generous handful of very cool apps and software that will do all kinds of beneficial things for you.

Ann Voorhees Baker, the founder of Women At Woodstock, a web designer and a self-admitted technophile, will be teaching this workshop that will include technology to:

  • insure that you never lose files or photos again
  • make it possible to text anyone in the world
  • send money to loved ones in a flash
  • save you considerable money on prescriptions
  • monitor how far you’ve gone on your walk
  • find your smartphone if it’s lost or stolen
  • save all your passwords securely
  • take action in a few clicks on issues of importance to you
  • download free books & movies from your local library
  • and more!

Bring pen and paper – but better yet, bring your smartphone with you! You’ll be able to download and activate any of the apps that you learn about during the workshop, and walk out with more technopower at your fingertips than you ever had before!

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