Thanks for Your Response to Holiday Blues

I was surprised and touched by the many responses I received to my email and blog post last week on Holiday Blues From A Divorced Mom. Thank you to everyone who shared their own experiences and feelings too.

I’m standing with crossed arms and tapping toe waiting for each of you to post your Dream for 2013 on the Women At Woodstock Forum in the Dream Room! Where are the Dreams? Where is the courage to declare them? Please share. Just join the Forum if you haven’t already (click on the red “Join” button in the upper right corner of the Women At Woodstock website) and then click on Dream Room in the list of categories, and start a new discussion with your very own dream. It’s simple, but powerful. Do it! Think of it: This will constitute a real New Year’s Resolution before the holidays – how’s that for empowerment!?!

Speaking of the Forum, I’ve eliminated the monthly subscription option, since being billed a dollar a month seems like an annoyance for everyone more than a convenience. An annual subscription is just $12 and starts with a free week before you’re billed. So, for those of you who registered for monthly, let me know if you’d like to switch to annual and I’ll assist you. For your trouble, you’ll get an extra week free – woo hoo!

Quick & Early Registration is now officially open to anyone and is public on the website. You can simply click on Register Now on the main menu on the home page, or click here to register. Thank you to Jackie, by the way, for suggesting that I add a roommate request option to the registration form. Don’t forget that December 31 is the last day to take advantage of this easy payment plan option for Women At Woodstock 2013. Share the link with your friends – it’s open season on registrations now!

I’ve been in so many talks over the past week with potential presenters and sponsors for our next event and I can’t tell you how excited I am at the plans that are shaping up. I’ll tell you this so far: it looks as though we’re going to have 4 big workshop sessions; 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon of each of our two full days. The workshops will be big enough to hold full capacity and will go in sequence without time overlaps; you won’t miss a thing. Each workshop will be centered on a single theme and will feature 3 to 4 panelists, each of whom will offer her own perspective and expertise. Then we’ll have workshop exercises, and finally a block of time for speaking one-on-one with the panelists about your thoughts, questions, and whatever follow-up you want to do.

The first main workshop theme is Healing Past Wounds… Our experts will offer insights and expertise about different types of “wounds” (childhood trauma, abuse, divorce, loss) and how to acknowledge, accept, resize, and contain them. You should emerge from this workshop with a new perspective and, I hope, a new sense of control that will allow you to walk forward in life with your wounding experiences beside you, not blocking you. I am so looking forward to what will be shared and what we will all come away with from this powerful session.

Off to make my second and last batch of caramels now…

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