Thank You

by Linda T Kidd

When I was a little girl, she was my idol. I loved brushing her long, shiny hair, her encouraging hugs, her careful guidance as she taught me my first nighttime prayer.

When I became a teenager I was mouthy and headstrong and we both spoke hurtful words to each other. But every time by the next day, all ill will was forgiven and forgotten and we were okay with each other again.

Fast forward to marriage and children. Now were the shining years when she truly became my best friend. She had great advice when I asked for it, compassion when I needed it and encouragement when I faltered.

And then came the very long goodbye when cancer claimed her. She never complained. She fought hard. She taught us courage, faith, compassion, bravery. She showed us how to live and die gracefully.

Now in the present, although I cannot hold her hand I hold her in my heart. Every day. “Mama, let me tell you about…” “Mama, did you know…” Mama, I’m not sure what to do…” “Thank you, Mama!” And she still gives me gifts. Sometimes it is a card that she sent long ago and it falls out of a book, but it could have been written yesterday because it still carries its message of love. Sometimes it is the bloom of flowers that she gave me long ago and they come again every Spring. Sometimes it’s just a memory that fills my heart and makes me smile.

Thank you, Mama!

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