Kindness – A Poem by Mary K. O’Melveny

Mary’s new collection of poetry, A Woman of a Certain Age, is available for pre-order now from Finishing Line Press. . . . . . . . . . Mary K O’Melveny, a recently retired labor rights attorney, lives in Washington DC and Woodstock, New York. Her poetry has been published in a variety of[…]

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Thrilled to Announce: I Was Accepted to the Master Class, Mendocino Coast Writers Conference

“Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are.” —Alan Alda I’ve talked about “becoming” a writer as of last year. And this year, I’ve started submitting samples and excerpts of my work to journals and competitions. I’m very pleased to announce that[…]

Ann Stoney

Beginners Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines – Advice from Ann Stoney

One of the many women who impressed me at the Women At Woodstock 2017 Writers Retreat was Ann Stoney. Not only is she a beautiful writer, she gets herself out there. Ann has racked up an impressive list of stories published by literary magazines over many years of writing. She’s a pro. I asked Ann[…]

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I Read This One Single Scene, Put the Book Down, and Cried

I was reading this beautiful book. I could already tell that it was one I would remember and that I would recommend to friends. And then I came to page 125. I read this one single scene. Two pages. And I put the book down and cried. The five hundred-something words on those 2 pages[…]

A Group of One’s Own: Creating Community Through Writing

by Linda Lowen It can be hard to think of yourself as a writer if you haven’t had anything published, earned a paycheck for your writing, or shared your work publicly. Even if you write daily, if you write in isolation it’s like the tree falling in the forest — nobody’s there to read your[…]

Laurie Stone

Writing Stories from the Level of the Sentence

The following interview with Laurie Stone about her book My Life as an Animal was conducted by Flash Frontier and appears online in their September Feature. Flash Frontier: This is a collection of interlinking stories. The chapters revisit themes, characters, and locations. Did you set out to write such a collection, or did the idea occur to you[…]

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Writing – Or Not. Why You Must Slap Yourself and Move It Along, Sister. Move It Along.

As some of you know,  I’ve been “writing” a book for some years now – a book that’s very important to me, that tells a story that I very much want to share. I think about it all the time. I think about what I want to add to it and what I don’t want to forget.[…]

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“You’re Too Old To Be A Writer.” Shut Up, Voice Inside My Head.

I was talking to Veronica James, author of Going Gypsy – One Couple’s Adventure From Empty Nest to No Nest At All and the woman behind the uber popular blog “Gypsy Nester” – or rather I was kind of shouting at her, because I was so excited that she’s agreed to teach a workshop at the Women[…]

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Big Man, Little Pri#% – How One Guy Stopped My Writing For 5 Years

Up until a year ago I’d taken only two writing workshops in my life – one in New York and one in LA.  In each case my instructor was connected to the publishing or entertainment industry, and I fantasized as I signed up for the course that he would seize upon my work, gush over my brilliance, and set me up with[…]