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3 Women At Woodstock Alums Published This Year – And That’s Not All

Jill Dodd, Laura Iodice, and Peggy Reskin are living proof that when women come together, great things happen. After attending Women At Woodstock, a gathering for women over 50, all three achieved their dreams as writers. Jill Dodd wrote her memoir on high fashion and a global love affair, The Currency of Love (Atria/Enliven Books), Laura Iodice published an essay[…]

Gotta Have Girlfriends cover

Thinking About Suzanne Braun Levine & What She Said About Friendships

For someone who leaves me so awestruck to this day, Suzanne Braun Levine, author (You Gotta Have Girlfriends, Fifty is the New Fifty, Inventing the Rest of Our Lives, to name just a few of her books), and the original editor of Ms. Magazine is surprisingly easy to talk to. I was thinking about her[…]


Boomerly – New Way to Build Friendships Over 50

There’s a new online service launching today – it’s called Boomerly and its aim is to help people over 50 meet like-minded friends. It’s not a dating site, it’s not a social network, it’s something entirely new…and it’s free! Hope you’ll join me and check it out today – www.boomerly.com  

Diane Baranello

Diane Baranello – Your Next Big Step

Congratulations to WAW alum Diane Baranello, who has a wonderful article published on PR Week. Diane offers excellent tips for anyone who is mid-career or looking for their next opportunity. For those of you who don’t know Diane, she is a personal branding and collaborative career coach for mid-career women, she is the Principal of[…]

Victoria Zackheim

Write As If Your Life Depends on It!

Victoria Zackheim – Guest Blogger I don’t write sci-fi thrillers, and bodice rippers are of no interest, which leaves me writing in genres that make little money and have small readerships. Personal essays comprising an anthology? The perfect choice! So what do I encourage my creative nonfiction students to write? Whatever they like. No, wait, let[…]

Cindy Joseph

Cindy Joseph – Revealing Her Real Hair

I think this is an important vlog from Cindy Joseph. People can say a blog about a hairstyle is trivial, but we all know that how we feel about our hair is key. Is there any woman who has not cried – hysterically,  mind you, about her hair at least once in her life? More[…]

Victoria Zackheim

The Red Carpet…to an Empty Room?

Victoria Zackheim – Guest Blogger I remember a conversation that took place perhaps ten years ago. Someone asked me what would make me happy…as a writer. Getting published? I said yes, that would certainly do it. Or do you need to have strong book sales? Well, yes, that, too. Ah, she went on, and the[…]

Beth Greer

Beth Greer – Breakthrough Success Point

Beth Greer is a featured guest in a new, Free, virtual speaker series that’s available right now. Beth, aka Super Natural Mom, is an award-winning journalist, green holistic health educator, healthy home expert, impassioned champion of toxin-free living, and Women At Woodstock alum. In this new series, hosted by Amy Yamada, a panel of inspiring women[…]

Karen Venable

Karen Venable on The Phenomenon of Boomer Roommates

Karen Venable has a new article on Midlife Boulevard about Roommates4Boomers, her roommate-matching website for women over 50. She talks about the timely launch of the site and how boomer women benefit from living together. Read the article here: Roommates for Boomers