Women At Woodstock 2017 In A Nutshell

For women over 50, a weekend getaway, retreat, networking event, workshops, yoga, fresh air, fabulous food, private consultations, and fun! Details on workshops & activities, and how to register. Spaces are getting filled so register today.

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3 Women At Woodstock Alums Published This Year – And That’s Not All

Jill Dodd, Laura Iodice, and Peggy Reskin are living proof that when women come together, great things happen. After attending Women At Woodstock, a gathering for women over 50, all three achieved their dreams as writers. Jill Dodd wrote her memoir on high fashion and a global love affair, The Currency of Love (Atria/Enliven Books), Laura Iodice published an essay

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Why I’m Doing Such a Bad Job At Promoting Women At Woodstock – And I Don’t Really Care

I should have been promoting the hell out of Women At Woodstock over the past several months; I should have been sending out reminders to register by June 30 – the “last chance deadline” to get a discounted price. I should have been telling everyone about the fabulous workshop presenters who will be leading our sessions during our two days together

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The Red Carpet…to an Empty Room?

Victoria Zackheim – Guest Blogger I remember a conversation that took place perhaps ten years ago. Someone asked me what would make me happy…as a writer. Getting published? I said yes, that would certainly do it. Or do you need to have strong book sales? Well, yes, that, too. Ah, she went on, and the

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Sharing Our Desires With Women Who Get It

Barbara Cummings

I like this recent blog post by Barbara Cummings, one of our Experts from WAW 2012. Favorite quote: “Desires fill us with a sense of hope and happiness when we daydream about them. They are not always understood by others and sometimes, if we express them to someone, their reaction might be, ‘Why would you

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We Will Be Back Again – Women At Woodstock 2013

Amy Ferris & Cindy Joseph

It’s hard to describe the feelings I came away with after Women At Woodstock 2012… It’s hard to believe that our gathering really happened, that it so fundamentally bonded us together, and that it is now gone. I feel truly connected with so many – sure that we will meet again next year.  The feeling

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