Worst Ex Stories – An Entertainment and Healing Workshop

Do you have an ex story? Most of us do. And chances are, you’ve told it over and over again. But are you satisfied? Probably not. Somehow, that story lives on in you and, though you may not think of it often, it can click into “play” at the oddest moments. It won’t go away, because something[…]

Alice March

ATTENTION: It’s the Problem – It’s the Solution

Attention is our most vital need and most abundant resource for connecting, healing, and creating our lives consciously! Do you pay attention in your day-to-day life? Do you really? Alice March will make you ask yourself that question in a most provocative way – and because her message is so vital, it’s going to be[…]

Peggy Reskin group photo

Peggy Reskin – Women’s Rights Author – Coming To Women At Woodstock

Peggy Reskin is an author who came forward to share her story at just the right time: Now. We are in the midst of a powerful tidal wave of renewed activism, commitment, and determined solidarity in working for what is right. And that is the story that Peggy shares; of her own life, coming of[…]