A Group of One’s Own: Creating Community Through Writing

by Linda Lowen It can be hard to think of yourself as a writer if you haven’t had anything published, earned a paycheck for your writing, or shared your work publicly. Even if you write daily, if you write in isolation it’s like the tree falling in the forest — nobody’s there to read your[…]

Linda Lowen

Read This: Linda Lowen On Why She Loves to Teach Writers

by Linda Lowen – Guest Blogger “We’re outside. Door locked. Can’t get in.” The cryptic text is from an unfamiliar number, but I know what’s up. I peck “Here I come!” on my phone while I walk down the basement hallway and head upstairs. Two women are standing outside the glass doors, one a casual[…]

Laurie Stone

Laurie Stone: Memory Is The Enemy Of Story

Why do you want to write? Because one way or another, you want to share your experience and your feelings about your experience, whether through fiction or memoir. You want to tell your story. And that’s your enemy. Memory, says author Laurie Stone, is the enemy of story. On Thursday, November 3, Laurie will come[…]