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Where Will You Live? A Vision Board Approach

Patty Chang Anker, who we all know for her yoga teachings, her Thai Bodywork sessions, and her workshops on personal courage at prior retreats, is now an enthusiastic and active member of the real estate community! She’s seen a lot and learned a lot about how to best search for a new home – and[…]

Patty Chang Anker

How To Get Anything Done

Patty Chang Anker – Guest Blogger Tell me if you do this: You begin a project with great gusto. But before long, you’re getting a snack, sweeping the porch, checking Facebook, dreaming of other projects, because you need a break. You go to yoga class, or treat yourself to a massage. Excited for the time off,[…]

Patty Chang Anker & Sandy Weiner – Facing Fears In Dating

Sandy Weiner, communication and love coach for women over 40, will be interviewing renowned author, Patty Chang Anker, on the next Last First Date radio show. Join Sandy and Patty on Tuesday December 22nd at 2pm EST as they discuss overcoming fears in dating and relationships – and how facing those fears can keep relationships exciting and real. You[…]

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Patty Chang Anker Shares Her “9 Lessons Learned” from WAW2015

I personally came away with many good things from Women At Woodstock 2015: aha! moments from the workshops, renewed and deepened friendships with the women I’ve known now for 4 years, and new friendships formed with the “newbies” at this year’s gathering. But I got goosebumps when I read Patty Chang Anker’s account of what she[…]