Jill Dodd at Women At Woodstock 2012

“At Women At Woodstock, you never know who you’ll meet” – Linda Lowen meets Jill Dodd

On Facebook yesterday, Linda Lowen posted a moving account of her encounter with author Jill Dodd at Women At Woodstock back in 2012. I had to share what she said: In my first life-altering experience at Ann Voorhees Baker‘s Women At Woodstock retreat, in a fabulous workshop led by Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter based on their book Dancing at the[…]

A Group of One’s Own: Creating Community Through Writing

by Linda Lowen It can be hard to think of yourself as a writer if you haven’t had anything published, earned a paycheck for your writing, or shared your work publicly. Even if you write daily, if you write in isolation it’s like the tree falling in the forest — nobody’s there to read your[…]

Linda Lowen Photo by Lisa Levart

Just Who Is This Linda Lowen?

By now you’ve heard that Linda Lowen, of NPR, Always Wanted To Write, and The Downtown Writer’s Center, in Syracuse, NY, is returning to the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat again this year. She’ll be leading Track 1 – for Writers-In-Process and providing individualized manuscript review and coaching for all writers in her track. But[…]

Linda Lowen

Read This: Linda Lowen On Why She Loves to Teach Writers

by Linda Lowen – Guest Blogger “We’re outside. Door locked. Can’t get in.” The cryptic text is from an unfamiliar number, but I know what’s up. I peck “Here I come!” on my phone while I walk down the basement hallway and head upstairs. Two women are standing outside the glass doors, one a casual[…]

pensive woman - source michelle gilliam-writer

Writing – Or Not. Why You Must Slap Yourself and Move It Along, Sister. Move It Along.

As some of you know,  I’ve been “writing” a book for some years now – a book that’s very important to me, that tells a story that I very much want to share. I think about it all the time. I think about what I want to add to it and what I don’t want to forget.[…]

Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox

Linda Lowen – The Hillary Paradox

Congratulations to Women At Woodstock friend, and 2015 presenter, Linda Lowen, who is a contributor to a brilliant new book about one of the most powerful women in politics – and possibly our next president. Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox, edited by Joanne Bamberger, is an anthology of 28 essays, written by a diverse group of authors[…]

Linda Lowen

Don’t Do What I Did: Making the Most of Media Opportunities

Linda Lowen – Guest Blogger In the 1950 noir classic Sunset Boulevard, all-but-forgotten silent movie star Norma Desmond anticipates a comeback and prepares for the moment the cameras are on her. That premise gave actress Gloria Swanson one of the best lines ever uttered on film: “All right, Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my[…]

Linda Lowen

Experience, Honesty, Passion: Why You May Be the Perfect Interview Guest

Linda Lowen – Guest Blogger Maybe you think a media training workshop wouldn’t apply to you. You’re not a big name, or you don’t have a national platform, or you don’t live near a major media market. Perhaps you’ve been on local radio or television and done just fine, and that’s about as far as[…]

You go girl! Linda Lowen to Co-Host New Show on NPR

Our own Linda Lowen – Women At Woodstock (2012) alum, launches her brand new NPR show on April 14! It’s called “Take Care,” and with co-host Lorraine Rapp, Linda will cover public policy and public interest, emerging health trends and alternative approaches, psychology and human behavior, the mind-body connection and other issues that impact our[…]