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On Her Deathbed, His Mother Said…

One of my dear Women At Woodstock friends, Janet Riccobono, came to town last month – but instead of getting together for lunch or a bike ride as we’ve done in the past, this time she and her partner Rob came to our home and stayed with us for a couple of days.   It was[…]


Looking Back – This is What Janet Told Me

I wrote to one of my oldest  friends from Women At Woodstock, Janet Riccobono. I said I missed her, as she had to skip Women At Woodstock last year, so it’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen each other. I still remember Janet spending a day with me here in Redondo Beach a few[…]


I Must Do What I Haven’t Done If I Want Things To Be Different

by Janet Riccobono – Guest Blogger I had a different holiday season this year. One with no parents, no children, no grandchildren, no sisters or brothers. Only myself, my partner, my friends. Only. Ha!  That word suggests that it was a lonely holiday. It is similar to the word “just.” Just Rob & me. Just adults.[…]

Janet Riccobono

ALIVE & Well Workshop with Janet Riccobono

Women At Woodstock friend and alum, Janet Riccobono, is facilitating a workshop at Columbia Greene Community College in Hudson, NY beginning September 27th – and it sounds fantastic! Janet’s ALIVE & Well Workshop focuses on personal development for women over 40 – how our choices and perceptions affect our physical and emotional well being. The course will run four consecutive[…]

Janet Riccobono

Janet Wrote Me a Letter Yesterday. It Made Me Cry. Thank You, Janet.

I was feeling pretty low yesterday, for a few reasons not worth going into here. Then Janet Riccobono called about registering for the Women At Woodstock East retreat in October. I’ve known Janet for two years now, since we first met at the original Women At Woodstock in 2012. Talking to her was like talking to an old[…]

A Message of Support for Anastasia Somoza

Janet Riccobono, certified life coach, blogger (janetriccobono.com), and a WAW 2012 alum, wrote to Ann Voorhees Baker with this compelling request on behalf of Anastasia, the inspiring daughter of her friends Mary and Gerardo Somoza.  She is asking for help; WAW is helping to spread the word. Information on the fundraising campaign is available here.[…]