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Two More Info-Packed Podcast Series – Nearly 4 Dozen Experts to Teach You a Thing or Two

I guess January has become the time to start out our year by learning a lot and opening our mind to new ways of thinking about things – about relationships, living healthy, starting a business, investing, trying new adventures – what have you. So last week I told you about Sheree Clark’s podcast series, and now[…]


Wherein I Whine About Superwoman Disease

You may think that your days of Superwoman Disease – trying to do and be everything – to be a superwoman – are over. After all, you’re no longer raising your children and/or trying to establish yourself in the early days of your career. And you’ve read many articles on why you shouldn’t put pressure[…]

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So Let’s Talk About My Hair

Really – it’s a workshop. And it’s not really about hair. It’s about self-discovery and self-acceptance. Janet Neal is a tireless advocate for women’s empowerment, having been an early influencer in the area of work/life balance in the 1990’s. She opened a co-working center for women in 2007, before there was such a term and certainly before[…]

Janet Neal

Superbwoman Sundays – Janet Neal Interviews Guest Vanessa Loder

This week, Janet Neal welcomes guest Vanessa Loder to her weekly show, Superbwoman Sundays. Vanessa is the Co-Founder of Mindfulness Based Achievement, the New MBA, a company that provides in-person and online educational tools to help high potential women leaders learn how to lean in without burning out. Superbwoman Sundays airs this Sunday, Feb 22nd at 7pm EDT.[…]

Superbwomen Don’t Say “Should”

What a great time I had talking last week with Janet Neal, The Superbwoman – on her weekly online broadcast “Superbwoman Sundays” (streaming live Sunday evenings at 7 pm eastern). We did our interview a little differently – sitting side by side in front of one camera – and we talked about the “shoulds” in[…]