woman's face & norman rockwell painting

Do the Holidays Beat You Up?

Thanksgiving beats us up. Christmas beats us up. “Happy New Year” beats us up. For many of us, holiday gatherings are not at all like the Norman Rockwell painting–the warm and happy multigenerational family gathered around the heavily laden table, smiling as they gaze at the golden roasted turkey being set down in the center[…]

Thanks for Your Response to Holiday Blues

I was surprised and touched by the many responses I received to my email and blog post last week on Holiday Blues From A Divorced Mom. Thank you to everyone who shared their own experiences and feelings too. I’m standing with crossed arms and tapping toe waiting for each of you to post your Dream[…]

Hannah's hand-made ornament

Holiday Blues From A Divorced Mom

It’s Christmas time and I know how lucky I am to have a loving and wonderful husband, two beautiful, smart and creative daughters, my mom, sister and nephews a day’s drive away, my in-laws in Maui whose beautiful home we’ll be visiting for Christmas this year – all wonderfully lucky circumstances… and I am very[…]