Love Lessons Your Divorce Taught You

Sherry Amatenstein, relationship author and Women At Woodstock presenter, is writing an article for about divorce. If you’ve been divorced and have a personal story that might help someone going through a separation, please email Sherry to set up a phone interview.  She’s interested in speaking with women (and men) who learned something valuable from their experiences.  

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Ivy Menchel Talks About Making Wise Financial Decisions During a Divorce

Ivy Menchel

Congratulations to our own Ivy Menchel, who was interviewed  recently on First Wives World.  She talked about the financial aspects of divorce – which she points out is likely to be one of the biggest financial decision making processes of a woman’s life.  Ivy was a panelist on the Take Action / Make It Happen workshop at

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Beth Tiger

Beth Tiger is a Self Love and Life Transition Coach. As a modern day mystic, author and inspirational speaker, her approach is no nonsense, fun, a bit edgy at times yet always filled with great empathy and compassion for those she works alongside of. Beth’s work is centered around individuals loving themselves and deliberately creating a

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