Diane Baranello - Women at Woodstock 2015

Living Life Is Like Riding A Roller Coaster

by Diane Baranello – Guest Blogger Life. It’s full of ups, downs, hair raising turns, screams, belly flops, eyes closed, eyes wide open, hands up in the air, clutching and screaming, laughing, anticipating highs and lows, considering your fate, looking down from the heights, inching up to the precipice, not being able to see over the[…]

Diane Baranello

Unlocking The Door to Possibilities – In Your Life, Your Career, Your Brand

Diane Baranello – Guest Blogger Success seems to come easily to some people. They know what drives them, where they’re going, and how to connect the dots along the way. It’s as if they have a personal compass to help them take the most direct route and navigate around obstacles that could potentially derail their[…]

Diane Baranello

Diane Baranello – Your Next Big Step

Congratulations to WAW alum Diane Baranello, who has a wonderful article published on PR Week. Diane offers excellent tips for anyone who is mid-career or looking for their next opportunity. For those of you who don’t know Diane, she is a personal branding and collaborative career coach for mid-career women, she is the Principal of[…]