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Women Over 50 – Strangers Who Are Already Friends

My stint in the hospital thirty-two years ago taught me something very important about women’s friendship. Women who’ve been through stuff, or are going through stuff – they share each other’s pain. Back in 1983 I was admitted to St. John’s Hospital on Fifth Avenue in New York City, almost seven months pregnant and in preterm[…]


I never signed up for this: Darryle Pollack at TEDx

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Darryle in person last Saturday, after having talked with her online and by phone on and off for the last year!  As with so many women I’ve connected with through my work with Women At Woodstock, meeting Darryle for the first time was like meeting an old friend[…]

Breastmates One-On-One Support System

One of the very interesting women I met at the Santa Monica Women’s Evening Salon a few weeks ago was Meryl Wecksler, a gorgeous and purpose-driven woman who had a great idea and acted on it – she created a volunteer, internet-based system of support for women with breast cancer. The unique thing about this organization is that it[…]