Barbara Hannahh Grufferman

Barbara Hannah Grufferman Shares Celeb Wisdom

Congrats to Barbara Hannah Grufferman for her latest article on the Huff Post 50 Blog. Barbara shares her experiences, and what she learned from a few celebs at the AARP Ideas@50+ event recently held in San Diego. Read the full article here: What I Learned From 5 Boomer Celebs (And What I Should Have Asked)  

Barbara Hannahh Grufferman

Barbara Hannah Grufferman’s Beauty Secret

I love it when women my age give me inside info on beauty and skin care – especially when they tell me how I can use things that mother nature has provided. That’s important to me, partly for cost savings, but much more so for keeping my life free of harmful chemicals, and helping me[…]

Barbara Hannah Grufferman: New Video on The Best of Everything [Shoes!] After 50

Our fearless first-of-the-morning moving workshop leader for Women At Woodstock 2013, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, has a new video out on her show, The Best of Everything After 50 – on the AARP YouTube Channel. It’s not about exercise this time, it’s about, um, shoes. Check it out!

Barbara Hannah Grufferman – Fit & Healthy-After-50 Expert

Author and nationally recognized champion of positive aging, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, leads our “Walk and Talk” workshop each morning from 6:30 – 7:15 – at both our West Coast and East Coast retreats. Every day a different topic will be introduced to educate, inspire and motivate all of us to own our bodies, enrich our[…]